2012 Elections- Are You Informed?

4 Oct
  • A couple of days ago USA TODAY has an article on Mitt and the economy, he is preferred over President Obama.
  • However, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, had an article on the history of CEO’s in businesses, and found that business men have rarely made great presidents–Mitt is used to a business atmosphere, can dictate to his underlings what to do and not to do and they follow or get fired. 
    MEET THE U.S. CONGRESS!!!!!  Government has a role to represent the people, businesses are profit driven, government is service oriented in our representative form of government.  CEO’s and bosses rule in the private sector–the PEOPLE SHOULD RULE IN THIS REPUBLIC. These are different animals entirely. 
    Mitt may say that he will do this and that, easier said than done!!!! 
    The American people have had a hard time relating to Mitt, there is another side of this basically two party system, the democrats can stonewall Mitt, just like the Republicans have done to President Obama for the last 4 years, making it extremely difficult to get anything done.  It is more important to pontificate to get their mugs on CNN. 
    Then they leave for election vacation without accomplishing a damn thing.  And people are going to blame the President for this economy.  No wonder the President has to take matters into his own hands and use his executive powers to pass orders on things like the Dream Act that the same Republicans who sponsored the bill, Hatch and someone else, then complain about everything. 
    They also complain about his tax proposals, and they were the same as Bush’s.  This President is willing to be a dreamcatcher so to say and take the best out of both parties, not just the democrats ideas, but anyone who can come up with a workable solution to the economy.  Republicans have not been so willing!!!!!! 
    The WALL STREET JOURNAL states that President Obama is all about “empathy and fairness.” 
    Can the same be said about someone, who smuggly tells his donors in Florida, that 47% of the people don’t pay taxes. 
    Really Mitt? 
    And from someone who has refused to disclose his taxes even up to the weeks before the elections.
    You lack credibility Mr. Romney. 
    Taking out $30 million bail outs, putting the FDIC in jeopardy, to keep Bain Capital in business, making the rest of our money in banks at risk. 
    I think this is huge, and the people should consider the focus on personal interests, rather than the good of the people. 
    The rich will take care of themselves, Obama will try to take care of some of the less fortunate, who can’t care for themselves, like our veterans.
  • I will predict, that the $9.2 trillion sitting in the offshore banks of venture capitalist, that could flush the country with money, jobs, and prosperity, are holding the Presidency hostage, releasing those funds only if and when Mitt gets elected to benefit the rich, Wall Street, Bankers, and the same bull shit that the Bush Republicans did, trashing the economy, protecting the Golden Sachs boys, you know, the original assholes that put the country in this mess…. the mortgage issues, predatory lending, sub-prime interest rates, and then took the bail out to take luxurious vacations, spending the new bail out money for selfish interests-
    These self-interested fellows did all this for themselves, and the Republicans led the way!!!!!!!! 
    I have been in court defending people, trying to save their homes from the bankers who got the bail out….who made money and planned on foreclosing.
      They put people in homes they could not afford, getting fees, fines, and foreclosure insurance to boot. 
    Either way, the banks won.
    The people need to take back the elections from the PAC money, with unlimited amounts, even from overseas–with who knows what strings are attached, and demand an accounting from the fed, short for the Federal Reserve, whom currently answers to no one.  That needs to change.
    Those who manipulate and purposefully let trillions of dollars go unaccounted for, most likely part of trillions in the venture capitalists bank accounts, again used to hurt the tax payers and let them hold the bag for the fat cats, who got all the money. 
  • Look at history, where was the heart of the candidate for life. What class of people benefited from the candidates actions in the past, who was hurt.  Where a man’s treasure is, is where his heart is.
      President Obama gave up a six figure job offer, actually the law firm that Michelle Obama worked for, and where the two met. 
    The Pres. turned that down to help the poor get housing in Chicago. 
    He actually got in and realized that he almost needed to be president of the U.S.A. to accomplish what he needed to do to get them housing. 
    For a person to be self-actualized or meet their full potential, they need food, shelter, and safety. 
    The rich already have that, and the Bush administration through the passage of what I call  the anit-Patriot act has turned the war on terror, to the war on American citizens. 
    Bush said the Constitution was just a piece of paper, WHAT?! 
    He signed about 1200 executive orders into law, without Congress approving, or the American public even knowing what he had signed. 
    He basically signed all your civil and constitutional rights away. 
    So your safety from a tyrannical government was nixed. 
    Local cops can come in your home while you are gone, without a warrant and reason. 
    The FBI allegedly, can write warrants sitting in your driveway, without a magistrate approving it. 
    Homeland Security was birthed, along with homegrown terrorists,  such as myself, (no, not really, I love America) I am one of those who actually demand justice, liberty and constitutional principles and protections.
     Now let’s talk about the separation of Church and State, shall we?
    One thing that most Americans don’t know, it that 70% of the FBI and CIA, nationwide are Mormon. 
    Now what does that have to do with Mitt Romney you ask?  Everything
    Mormons, who seem to be having issues with separation of Church and State, with less than 2% of the population, have top security access, can call the shots, along with an army of members and future missionaries. 
    Bush was very popular among Mormons.   He hired many, many secret service and federal agents remain loyal to Bush, with Bush senior having been the director of the CIA. 
    The Bush attitude about rights, protections of citizens, the war on terror, etc., will be carried out through Romney–and take it from someone who knows the wrath of this agency, the Bush henchmen, and retaliation, unbecoming of American politics and systems, you don’t want to go there.
    President Obama was able to very successfully fund his last campaign with $5 and $10 donations, or the common man donations. 
    I am sure he had PAC money, but nothing compared to the Romney campaign, who has multimillionaires and billionaire single handedly giving over million dollar donations, either through collective PACs or their personal PACs, or political action contributions….all without having to disclose who is funding them. 
    Don’t be deceived by the Republican label, nor the large amounts of money donated–Mitt is for the rich, no doubt.  They will take care of themselves–NO DOUBT.
    Look at the individual mantras, the personal ideologies, the philosophy behind the man–you will suffer, as you have for voting in the wrong side of the above–fascism will come cloaked in a flag, with a cross around their neck–do whatever it takes, with no limits and no exceptions. 
    This attitude will put all American’s safety, from domestic terror, by their own government at stake–Mormons have check lists, a club, and a philosophy that the average Christian and citizen might not like. 
    I KNOW, I WAS RAISED MORMON.  I earned my Law degree from BYU.
    It is an exclusive club, them and us. 
    You saw that in Mitt’s statement caught on tape by Mother Jones Magazine, released several weeks ago, about the 47% who don’t pay taxes…. Mitt’s included in that 47%, but he’s okay with that….
    It is okay for the rich not to pay a dime in taxes, through loopholes, etc. but if the poor don’t pay, or need a handout, due to unethical banking practices, not to mention Wall Street, heaven forbid
    I hope you enjoyed the debates.  And I hope you were paying attention.

Venture Capitalists–Holding $ at “O%”–the money will come eventually–can’t afford not to

4 Oct
Whomever is elected, regardless of party, money will be released into the economy–it is simply a matter of when.  Economies can be manipulated to the benefit of a particular party.  Jobs, prosperity, and monies flowing will come, through President Obama or Mitt Romney.  Obama is bound and determined to get the credit he deserves, fighting for 4 years, not to let Mitt come in like a white knight saving the American people–this is a well crafted scheme, created, crafted, and manipulated by the ones who would benefit most from Mitt–the rich.
However, with Obama, working for the common man, and common sense, politics, and parties aside for your benefit, the money will come, even if he is elected at the chagrin of the rich–they can’t afford to hold it forever, not profitable.  Even a venture capitalist, is into the capitalist system–they want more return for their money, than “0%” which will force them to put out, or die stagnant.  Markets are manipulated all the time, they need consumers, as much as they hate them.
The rich would prefer a ruling elite with just enough people to serve them.  Go figure, they make less money that way.  But they want their piece of heaven, and they don’t want you to.  The fed can just print them money any time, but you and I will not benefit from that.  Trickle down economics didn’t work!!!!!  It doesn’t trickle far enough, and it goes horizontally rather than vertically–take care of their own.  We saw that with the bailout and stimulus, Wall Street v. Main Street.  There is enough to go around.
I can’t understand a President who is building his 5th home in California, with an elevator to bring his car up to his front porch, or so I hear, Mormon sources are a pretty credible source, the church is a close knit group.  Therefore, I would put more truth than not to the statement, but how on earth can you then benefit bankers, corporate giants, insurance companies, and others who prey on people, taking the very and only shelter they have, when you, yourself have 5?
Who can relate to you more.

DON’T APOLOGIZE Mr. PRES.: Cops Act Stupidly All the Time! (reprint 07/31/2007)

29 Sep

The issue is not about race relations or class; the issue is about 4th Amendment searches and seizures-not to mention property rights.
The United States Constitution comes into play in determining who was in error and whose rights were being violated.
The Constitution guarantees the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. That is the law, and as I understand the facts of the case, there was probable cause to check out what was going on in the house-especially since someone had called the police about that same address a week or two earlier.
So the burden of proof was met, until the police found out through looking at Gates driver’s license with his address on it that it was indeed his own home, and he was not some intruder. At that point, the officers should have left the premise, no matter how belligerent and obnoxious Gates, the owner of the home, had been.

Our legal system was based on two common law principles: (1) do all that you promised to do-precursor and foundation for modern day contract law; and (2) do not infringe on other persons or property-all criminal and property law stem from these basic principles.
British common law also considered a man’s home, his castle-the owner is king, so to say, of his home. Once that fact had been established, the officers were out of line and should have gracefully bowed out of the situation.
The cops had to check out the call of the neighbor; they would have been negligent had they done any less, but much beyond that was wrong. I would have been screaming too if a cop had arrested me in my own home, then marched me out of my house in handcuffs in front of all my neighbors.
You see, the law is about applying the law to that particular set of facts-it is about hair splitting if you will. The charges against Gates were dropped by the prosecutor who knows the officers had crossed a legal line-AND THEY WERE LUCKY HE/SHE DID.
Often the police take the attitude that they are kings and the people are serfs-they are to be Public Servants, in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people. PERIOD.

Cottonwood Heights Offensive Policing- Does it offend or defend?

28 Sep

BIG BROTHER: Cottonwood Heights Offensive Policing<p> Channel 5 News, Salt Lake City, Utah, did a feature story about the new Cottonwood Heights Police Department’s new offensive policing policy.

This is basically the way it goes: the police officer rides around the streets of the area that was previously served by the county sheriff’s department; they look for situations that might possibly create a potential crime-such as a garage door left open during the night.

The officer then proceeds to stop this potential crime by waking citizens up in the middle of the night to tell them to close their garage. Some citizens said they like it, even if they are wakened at 2:00 a.m. in the morning; however, others feel that it is police overreaching and big brother in action.

Now by way of a legal and constitutional analysis of such offensive policing: The 4th Amendment, the one that controls what, when and who police officers or others under color of law are to act toward citizens, guarantees the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizure, shall not be violated, and no warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

If we take the law and apply it to the facts, the result is an unconstitutional policy.

Take the open garage door-now while that is nice that the officers would be concerned about a potential crime, they are out of line. Houses, which would also include garages, are to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures.

No problem so far, the officer is not going to search or seize; however, any action by the police must first have probable cause to believe that there has been or will be a criminal act.

That is where the debate starts, issues of thought police, stopping crimes that may or may not happen-nice, but invasive.

In the past year and a half, I have left my garage open over night; nothing was missing, no sign of criminal activity, and no probable cause to believe anything happened.

Now I may leave my garage open for several reasons, late arriving visitors, a roommate who phoned ahead of time and told me to leave it open for a number of reasons, someone dropping something off at my house, or just shear forgetfulness.

For whatever reasons I leave my garage open, I sure do not want some police officer coming to my house and telling me to close it. If I live in a high crime area, which I do not, I most likely would be much more cautious and would make sure my garage was shut. Nonetheless, it is unreasonable for an officer to interrupt my reading, watching TV, making love, or my night sleep-don’t want it. Neighborhood watches, friendly neighbors probably already know your phone number and can give you a call to remind you to shut the garage. And even if they don’t call, I chose not to have an officer come tell me to do anything.

A man’s home is his castle; he is king; he is responsible for what happens; he is also able to dictate what he wants and does not want in his home or on his property. In that situation, that is a trespass in my mind. It is not an everyday occurrence to even see officers in our area, but when it does happen, there are usually nosy neighbors who want to know why the police are at your house-serving a warrant, checking on a domestic violence call, etc?

The attention police draw, is no one’s business-therefore don’t draw attention to my house or my property.

There is no probable cause to believe a crime will be committed and that is unreasonable action.

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